What can be done to relieve the symptoms of flu infection and make it go faster?

What is influenza infection?

‘Influenza is a viral infection characterized by fever, runny nose, cough, headache, malaise. Influenza viruses are spread by droplet infection during coughing and speech.

Immunity that develops as a result of an influenza infection or vaccination in a given year due to the constant change in influenza viruses may not adequately protect against infections in the coming years.

It is spreading fast, with most members of communities (e.g. schools, workplaces) falling into bed overnight due to the influenza. ’Source: HáziPatika

Treatment of influenza

In addition to visiting your doctor and following his advice, the following are the most important:

  • antipyretic
  • cough suppression
  • reduction of nasal congestion
  • relieve sore throat
  • analgesia
  • abundant fluid intake
  • proper diet
  • vitamin supplementation
  • bed rest

In addition to the above, herbs known from folk medicine can also be effective in relieving the symptoms of influenza-like infections and speeding up the course of the disease, and the following are among the ingredients of AntiBac.

AntiBac capsule

dietary supplement capsules contain herbs and natural bile acids

influenza és AntiBac

Active ingredients and their effects for the body's SEVENFOLD protection


contributes to maintaining intestinal microbiological balance and protection against harmful bacteria and microorganisms


supports the immune system that protects the human body


supports the body’s natural defences, especially in the upper respiratory tract


supports the immune system, lung and respiratory tract health. It provides protection against allergies and has a significant antioxidant function


supports the intestinal tract, contributes to healthy digestion and to proper liver and bile function

AntiBac is a new dietary supplement on the market, supported by an invention application from the National Research Development Agency!

AntiBac has been developed based on hundreds of international research studies and its ingredients have been selected to meet the current challenges and help the body's defences!

This synergistic composition is the reason why the National Research Development and Innovation Office supports AntiBac's invention application!

For the additional treatment of current infections, we have optimized the 30 capsule formulation, of which depending on the severity of the symptoms, it is recommended to use 1-4 capsules a day from the initial stage (in the first days)!




Black elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)

In folk medicine, elderberries were "the poor man's pharmacy"

  • Elderflower has been part of European folk medicine for centuries: it is used primarily for inducing sweating and in cases of fever and cold. Fruit jam made of its berries is also used as a mild laxative. More recently, the squeezed juice and extract of its berries have also been used in colds.
  • The berries of the plant contain large amounts of anthocyanins (giving them their colour). These compounds have an antioxidantG5 and antiviral effect against respiratory viruses (e.g. influenza). They also support the immune system and thus contribute to the protection against viruses.A6 A4 A3
  • Traditional studies of elderberry extract have shown that elderberry accelerates recovery and reduces symptoms in people with influenza.A4 A similar effect was observed for colds.A5 A re‑analysis (meta analysis)A9 of the results of the clinical trials confirmed the above findings.
keserű andrográfisz

King of bitters (Andrographis paniculata)

Leaves and roots of king of bitters have been used to make medicine in India and China since before antibiotics were invented

  • In a meta analysis the efficacy of Andrographis in treating coldsC2 was analysed based on data from over 7000 patients.
  • The results indicate that it relieves cough, soreness of the throat, the symptoms of cold and accelerates recoveryC17 C2 C12 when compared to a placebo.

Garlic (Allium Sativum)

An AntiBac capsule contains the active ingredients of several cloves of garlic!

  • In the Middle Ages garlic was used to prevent contagious diseases.
  • The effects of the active substances against pathogensB2 B17 have been demonstrated in several experiments.
  • Under laboratory conditions, garlic has been found to prevent the growth of several respiratory pathogens (bacteria, viruses).B16
  • Efficacy of garlic against respiratory infections has been proven in a modern clinical trial.B16 According to a study, the prolonged preventive intake of garlic significantly reduced the risk of respiratory infections.

The relationship between the body's defences and the AntiBac capsule - a conversation between naturopath László Béky and Dr. Antal Miklós Várhalmi - D1 TV Vitality


'It's not only through properly absorbed foods and vitamins that we can support our immune system. Most of the lymph is located in the intestinal wall and around the intestinal tract, which, together with the bile, is responsible for filtering out pathogens and keeping the immune system active and alert enough to prevent foreign substances from entering the body.

And since we're in a period of viral infections, it's safe to try bile acid preparations to protect against influenza infection as well.'- Source: Dr. Erika Balaicza D1 TV - Vitality 04.04.2020

Bile acids naturally protect the body against endotoxins (internal toxins produced by the breakdown of bacteria) that are always present in the gut by breaking them down into non-toxic parts. This protection has also been shown to protect against all agents with a lipoid structure (e.g. large viruses with an envelope). This protection system, based on the detergent action of bile acids, is called physico-chemical protection. This system of protection based on the detergent effect of bile acids is physicochemical protection. - Source: Prof. Dr. Lorand Bertok - Bile acids in phisico-chemical host defence

Pneumonia is one of the most serious complications of flu

In addition, AntiBac's ingredients may also play a role in preventing and alleviating pneumonia, one of the most serious complications of influenza, due to their harmful antibacterial effects

"Pneumonia is an inflammatory infection of one or both lungs. Various respiratory viruses, including cold and flu viruses, damage the lining of the bronchi, impairing the airways' defences and making it much easier for bacteria to infect the lungs. The flu virus opens the door to bacterial infections, weakening the body and making it easier for bacteria to colonise the lungs." - Source: Webbeteg

AntiBac is also available or ordered in EVERY Hungarian pharmacy and herbal specialty stores!

In Hungary, if you buy the AntiBac product, we pay the delivery and cash on delivery fee, which can save you up to 1,440 HUF!

In Hungary, if you buy the AntiBac product, we pay the delivery and cash on delivery fee, which can save you up to 1,440 HUF!

  • Sale!
  • Sale!
  • Bodorrózsa levél teljes értékű gyógynövény-kivonatot tartalmazó kapszula
  • Orvosi zsálya levél teljes értékű gyógynövény-kivonatot tartalmazó kapszula

Use AntiBac at your own risk and it is recommended that you talk to your doctor!

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G16 – Az endotoxin élettani hatásai

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